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MCRCS 2008 Warbirds Over Jersey

This page contains pictures from the 2008 Mercer County Warbirds Over Jersey Air Show held at Warren Kruse Field on September 13th and 14th, 2008. Click on a picture to see a larger image. Higher-resolution images of the models are available to their owners by emailing a request to

Getting Ready

Seth Hunter CD Seth Hunter kept his cool from the very beginning. Rich Green Rich Green stocked up for the hungry hoardes. John Tanzer John Tanzer is our resident tent expert. Bing Gearhart Bing Gearhart worked, despite serious soldering-iron injuries. Keith Zimmerly Keith Zimmerly had a hand in everything.
Dan Geerders Dan Geerders, threatening to retire, was still in the kitchen. Jim Meighan Mr. Sound, Jim Meighan, made sure we could hear everything. Sal Lucania and Mike Luciano Sal Lucania and Mike Luciano weatherproofed the system. Armand Graziani Events VP Armand Graziani supervised a skeleton crew. Mrs. Bing Barbara (Mrs. Bing) Gearhart encouraged us all.

The Big Day Dawns

Nieuport 17 Rick Andrese assembles his Nieuport 17 in the early AM. Luciano trailer The Lucianos brought a trailer full of models. P-51 John Braun Sr. & Jr. assemble a captured P-51B. Hellcat James Smith assembles his Hellcat. Luciano P-38 Michael Luciano examines his P-38.
Seth Hunter Contest Director Seth Hunter prepares to launch the event. CAP Cadets Civil Air Patrol Cadets study Dan Basovitch's AT-6. Eindecker John Braun Sr. completes the setup of an Eindecker. Registration Bob Bennett and Sal Lucania furiously register pilots. Blohm & Voss Ken Karpinski's Blohm & Voss BV141B, the oddest entry.
Skyraider Charlie Kellogg is known for his detail work ... Skyraider instruments ... and the cockpit of his Skyraider ... Skyraider pilots ... and its pilots did not disappoint. National anthem After the national anthem ...
Pilot's meeting ... and a pilots' meeting, the show was ready to begin.

And the Event Takes Off

Paul Abati Paul Abati was a flight line inspector. Rick Andrese Rick Andrese started his G38-powered Nieuport 17 ... First off ... and took the first flight of the day. In flight Spanning 106", it stood out from the sky. Ready for takeoff Several other warbirds prepared to follow.
PT-17s Thomas Thomas and Frank Puccio flew matching PT-17s ... Formation ... both in formation ...
PT-17 in flight ... and separately.
SE-5a Walt Siedlecki flew the only
SE-5a at the show.
Eindecker The Team Braun Eindecker, viewed from the bottom.
CAP at registration CAP cadets helped at the registration booth. AT-6 Dan Basovitch starts his glistening AT-6. AT-6 in flight Dan Basovitch's AT-6 in flight.
Allan Schear Allan Schear captured much of the event on video. Chipmunk Michael Luciano IV prepares to fly his Chipmunk.
P-40 Nobu Iwasawa's P-40 commanded the skies ... Coming down ... until the engine unexpectedly went to idle ... In the corn ... forcing an emergency landing in the corn. Military Cub Herb Wasserbach's team prepared his Cub for flight ... Back from the corn ... and recovered it from the corn.
CAP Cadet Meanwhile, CAP cadets welcomed attendees ... CAP parking ... and directed them to parking.  

The People Make a Choice

Larry Alles Larry Alles doesn't always win the People's Choice ... B-25 side ... but he's won every one we've held ... B-25 cockpit ... in the past two years.
B-25 starting Larry starts the two G-38s that power his B-25. B-25 takeoff The corn in the background betrays the scale of the model.
B-25 clearing trees But as the model clears the trees ... B-25 in the clouds ... it becomes indistinguishable from its full-scale counterpart. B-27 banking right With a wingspan of 118" and a flying weight of 50 pounds ... B-25 banking left .. it circled the field at a scale-like speed. B-25 fly by Perhaps quieter than the full-scale, visually it was stunning.

Other Competitors and Judges

Seth Hunter A Fuji 43 powered Seth Hunter's Junkers J10. Dan Basovitch Dan Basovitch's AT-6 spanned 101" and weighted 28 pounds. John English John English's 15-pound P-38 used OS .60s for power. Ernie Emrich Ernie Emrich's 65" P-51 weighed 8 pounds. Alan Newton Alan Newton's 90" PT-17 was powered by a Fuji 50.
Dale Wirth A G23 powered Dale Wirth's 80" Sopwith Pup. Rick Andrese Rick Andrese's 106" Nieuport 17 used a G62 for power. Charlie Kellogg A 3W75 powered Charlie Kellogg's 37-pound Skyraider. Joe Yuhasz Joe Yuhasz flew these two electric biplanes. Bruce Snyder Bruce Snyder's 93" Corsair flew on a G-62.
Michael Luciano III Michael Luciano III with his biplane. James Smith James Smith flew this F-16 built from a Sig King Cobra kit. Mike Luciano, Jr. Mike Luciano, Jr. with his 80" P-47 and his 70" Sopwith Pup. Captured P-51 John Braun Jr. with a German-captured P-51. Sam Costello Sam Costello's 67" Spitfire used a .90 for power.
Ernie Emrich Ernie Emrich with his AT-6 and P-51. Wankel A Wankel rotary engine powered Ernie's AT-6. Joe Hanson Joe Hanson's third-scale Albatross weighted 34 pounds. Joe Hanson His third-scale Dr.1 spanned 93" and weighed 37 pounds. Aleksey Lomov Aleksey Lomov's Hangar 9 P-51D 1.50 used a Saito 1.80.
Aleksey Lomov Aleksey's Hangar 9 P-51D 60 used a Saito 1.25. John Smith A Q75 powered John Smith's 38-pound Stearman PT-17. John Brown The Team Braun Eindecker used a G-38 for power. Dyl's P-47 Powered by a Q52, Tom Dyl's P47-D could drop a bomb. Paul Gentile Paul Gentile's 96" Eindecker E3 weighed 14 pounds.
Paul Gentile Paul's 86", 13-pound P-51B was electric powered. Judges The Peoples' Choice contest is held at noon on Saturday. Judges Spectators enjoy the chance to see models up close. Judges Each spectator casts one vote for his or her favorite model. Judges The model receiving the most votes wins.

Another Contest

Forrest Miller Forrest (Woody) Miller won over $100 in the first 50-50. Sharing the wealth Always generous, he shared with his benefactor. Selecting a ticket An honest draw ...
Another winner ... and another big winner.
Thank you Possibly the surest path to wealth.

And a Lot More Flying

Snoopy Snoopy got quite a ride on Rick Andrese's Nieuport 17. Blohm & Voss It doesn't look like it should fly, but it did. Carl Gubkin Carl Gubkin readies his PT-19 for flight. Joe Hanson Joe Hanson Starts his Albatross. German P-51 The Germans flew P-51s, when they could get them.
Joe Yuhasz Joe Yuhasz launches one of his electric biplanes. Fokker Dr.1 Joe Hanson's Fokker Dr.1 in flight. John Smith Larry Alles helped John Smith with his PT-13. PT-13 John's PT-13 takes to the air.
Miss America Aleksey Lomov's P-51D, Miss America, in flight.
Fokker D-8 John Eskow's Fokker D-8.
Junkers flying Seth Hunter's Junkers J10 in flight. Junkers gunner Adversaries should note his rear-facing gunner. Avro Keith Zimmerly filled the Sky with his 12' Avro 504C. Lining up When the biplanes line up, there's trouble in the air.
Fokker D-7 Bob Levanduski's Fokker D-7.
Captured Nieuport Nobu Iwasawa's captured Nieuport 11. In formation It usually starts as a friendly formation. Nieuport 17 Or just a leisurely flight in the open sky. On his tail But before you know it, someone is on your tail.
Turn about Of course, turn about is fair play. Sleeping woman The excitement of the show can take its toll.