Building Projects

Posts beginning  01-29-17

John Tanzer - Summer build

Soviet WWII Fighter
Polikarpovl I-16


John Tanzer build

The Bash

Made from old Ultra mini stick

Built by J. Gallagher

Built by Sal Lucania
MH-90 Jet Cat Turbine

Ringmaster U Control - Electric Power

Seth's Progress Photo's

Martinsyde Buzzard

Front gear fabrication

Golden Age Racer

Wingspan 51' Electric power
John Tanzer's build
Scratch built from his own plans

Balsa & Ply covered with Ultracoat

Seth's build

Buzzard - 1918 Martinsyde 1/4 scale

April 19 17

Jam's finished

Pilot 90" 3D Trainer & Tow
Profile Fusion with DLE 20

Rich test fitting GF-38 gas 4 stroke
March 31 17

John Tanzer

Finished Winter Project
Extra 300 - Electric power

Built from his plans

John Tanzer build

De Havilland Hornet

39 in. Wingspan Electric power

Carl Guppy's Project - 4 Star 
Power - 1.20 4 stroke

Irwin showing his Yak 54

56 in. Wingspan - Electric

Gary's Yak 54
77 in wingspan - DLE 30 powered

Jam's Fusion
70 in wingspan - DLE 20 powered

Joe Raimando

And Joe's

T-Craft Balsa USA kit


Sal's Turbo Bush Master

Carl's - Building Update
Electric power - 80" wingspan



Last Year

John Tanzer build
Cessna T-50 Bobcat

Bambo Bomber
48" wingspan

John Tanzer latest project  Grumman Skyrocket

From the comic Black Hawk

Used to fight Evil - 42 in. wingspan

Electric powered

Paul Stutesman's Cub repair

Rich finished an Seagul Extra 260 ARF