Warbirds Over Jersey
September 18th & 19th, 2010

Great weather set the tone for this year’s Warbirds Over Jersey Event held on September 18th and 19th at the clubs Warren Kruse Field. Over 50 pilots participated in the event with a wide variety of warbirds ranging from WW1 bi-planes to a present day Predator Drone. This year’s People’s Choice Award went to Scott Bonomo for with his 110” Corsair, powered by a 5-cylinder Moki 250 radial engine. 

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 Sal Luciana and Joe Raimondo man the registration booth. Gary Sciarratta and Brian Bunda gear up for the breakfast crowd.
The tents are up and pilots prep for a day of flying. Pilots gather for the pre-flight meeting.
Chris Leeds explains the rules. The first pilots stage for take-off.
Spectators gather at the flight line to watch the show. Prepping the kitchen for lunch.
Haakon Aurdal preps the sausage peppers and onions while Bob Levanduski and Brian Bunda set up for the hamburgers and hot dogs. Lunch is served.
Pilots position their planes in preparation for the People’s Choice judging. Scott Bonomo is this year’s People’s Choice Award winner with his 110” Corsair, powered by a 5-cylinder Moki 250 radial engine. This magnificent plane includes hydraulic folding wings, a tail hook, retracts, flaps and lighting. Together with Scott’s flying skill it was a real crowd pleaser. 
Hydraulic folding wings in upright position. Panoramic photo by Roger Fowler. Nice!
Alan Newton’s PT-17, 72”, 12 Lbs., Evolution26.Dale Wirth’s PT-17, 80”, 15 Lbs., G23 engine.
Chris Leeds’ Corsair, 64”, 7.5 Lbs. 75cc engine and flaps and flaps.Dan Murphy’s Sopwith Tri-Plane, 52”, 7Lbs., 46 engine.
Nobu Iwasawa’s Ziroli P-40 Warhawk, 96”, 35Lbs., G62, flaps and retracts.Walt Siedlecki Sr. and Jr. start their Fokker DR-1 Tri-Plane, 70” 16 Lbs., G26.
John English’s multi-engine P-38 Lightning, 85”, 15 Lbs., dual OS 61 engines, and flaps. Ken Karpinski’s Maxford USA Curtis Jenny with custom stickers, 105”, 20 Lbs., 55cc engine.
Bill Malinowski’s AT-6 Texan, 44”, 4 Lbs., .15 engine.
John Kohler’s P-40 Warhawk 101”, 35 Lbs., Quadra 75, retracts and flaps.
Tom Dyl’s P-47D Thunderbolt, 85”, 27 Lbs., Q52, retracts, flaps and tank drop.
John Braun Sr. and Jr. pose with their PT-17 Stearman, 89”, 27 Lbs., G-38.
Mike Ferguson and friend Neville pose with Mike’s Ziroli Corsair, 92”, 35 Lbs.,  
G-62, retracts and flaps.
Tom Abate’s Fokker D7, 65”, 11Lbs. 20cc engine.
Fred Stagg’s scratch Ziroli Stuka, 103”, 28 Lbs., flaps and a DA-50.Joe Hansen’s DH4, 128”, 35 Lbs., G-62 and smoke system.
Charles Kellogg’s Stearman, 87”, 28 Lbs., G-62 and smoke system.Fran Schneider’s SBD Dauntless, 101”, 38 Lbs., 3W 75i, retracts, flaps and dive brakes.
Rick Andrese’s Beech Staggerwing, 86”, 28 Lbs., Fuji 86, retracts and flaps.George Kowalewski’s AT-6 Texan, 103”, 23 Lbs., G-62.
Keith Zimmerly’s scratch built DH-4, 173” 51 Lbs., DA 100.August Lucidi’s 1/3 scale Nieuport 17, 88”, 32 Lbs., Zenoah GT-80.
Carl Gubkin’s P-19, 89”, 15 Lbs., Saito 180.Bob Levanduski’s 1/3 scale Avro, 144”, 50 Lbs., 3W 100.
Pat Monacelli’s Avro 504, 144”, 40 Lbs.Brian Bunda’s  1/3 scale Nieuport 28, 108”, Fuji 86.

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