Solo Pilot Certification  


Solo Pilot Certification:

  The Solo Pilot Candidate must demonstrate the following in the presence of either:

  • two MCRCS Instructors, if the candidate is a student pilot, or
  • one MCRCS Instructor, if the candidate is an experienced pilot who has soloed elsewhere
Skills and knowledge:

  1. Answer questions about MCRCS field rules correctly.
  2. Demonstrate proper field procedures.
  3. Perform pre-flight check of airplane and radio.
  4. Perform start-up procedure safely.
  5. Taxi and take-off both to the right and to the left, wind conditions permitting.
  6. Demonstrate trimming the airplane.
  7. Perform straight-and-level flight.
  8. Perform right and left pattern flight.
  9. Perform a "figure 8".
  10. Stall and recover.
  11. Perform a simulated "dead-stick" landing.
  12. Perform a balked landing (go around).
  13. Perform procedural landing pattern approach from both the right and left direction. Complete landing from both directions if wind conditions permit.
  14. Perform a full-stop landing.
  15. Taxi back to the flight station.
February 2011